Erhan Acar Jr

When he was 12, he decided to be an editor upon receiving a mug that implied him some possible occupations. He could have been a detective instead.

In 2001, led by Aylin Zoi Tinel, he met his first colleagues in a post production studio called Autopsy. He found great opportunities to work and spend quality time with professionals at offline and online departments. After two years of hard work, with his master’s final conviction, he graduated from Autopsy. Meantime he thanked and refused Bilgi University’s scholarship offer and decided to continue his life with the ‘read less, experience more’ motto.

Between 2003 and 2007, as a freelancer he worked in the TV commercial industry and partially employed by the Altioklar Film Production, where he worked as an editor and post-production supervisor in feature films and TV series.
During 2007 and 2012, he worked as an offline editor at ABT Post Production. Helped lighting up the grill. Enhanced his skills and friendships.

Since mid 2012, he is quite delighted to be sitting around the table with his fellow editors and his ‘Sivil Editorler’ printed mug.




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