Fuat Sebatlı

He spent his high school years, getting enthusiastic by watching the backstage videos he got from the computer magazine CD’s and by annoying people with the tunes he made in Fruity Loops. As soon as the high school is over, he started working as an assistant in 2003. With his determination, after 5 months he kicked the chief out of her chair and continued her position as an editor. Between years of 2004-2010, he was involved in editing of more than 500 TV shows, documentaries and promotional videos. After his one year experience as a broadcasting and promotional video director, he turned to where he started as his ambitions towards editing reemerged. In 2011 he forcibly made himself hired by one of the most solid post-production company in Europe by threatening them to burn himself alive in front of their door. He edited more than 100 TV Commercials there and now he is at Civil Editors.




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