Civil Editors | Murat Başören
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Murat Başören

Murat is a graduate of the Radio TV department (Süleyman Demirel University) and the Communication Faculty of Anadolu University at Eskişehir. During his university years he kept busy working either at the post production field or at the camera department for several tv programs. Determined to be a film editor he left Eskişehir and came to İstanbul where he started to work as an assistant editor at the studio ABT.
As an enthusiast of the work of Civil Editors, he got a chance to meet and work with them at the same studio. He easily charmed the collective with his set of skills and became a member at 2015. Since then he’s been working on commercial and film projects non stop.
In these past two years Murat quickly earned an incomparable experience which exceeds his age.


2018, Cebimdeki Yabancı – Co-Editor
2017, Kardeşim Benim 2 – Co-Editor
2016, Dönerse Senindir – Co-Editor
2016, Yok Artık 2 – Co-Editor
2016, Ikimizin Yerine – Assistant Editor
2016, Ankara Yazı Veda Mektubu – Assistant Editor
2015, Hesapta Aşk – Assistant Editor
2015, Polis Akademisi Alaturka – Offline Assistant
2014, Hayalet Dayı – Offline Assistant


In Murat Basoren / TVC

Doğtaş – Çanakkale (2018)

In Erhan Acar Jr. / Feature Film / Murat Basoren / Trailer

Cebimdeki Yabancı – Official Teaser (2018)

In Aylin Zoi Tinel / Erhan Acar Jr. / Feature Film / Murat Basoren / Trailer

İkimizin Yerine – Official Trailer ( Feature Film – 2016)