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Who We Are

Film Editors Collective . Passionate storytellers. Humble servants of the art. Benders of Time&Space. Based in Istanbul, cutting around the globe.

Our Story

Civil Editors was founded in Istanbul by long time friends & film editors in the summer of 2012 with the aim of creating a platform at which they could share their experience, knowledge and skills. After years of experience and hard work, joining forces came in handy.
  • Edited over 1000 commercials for local and international clients
  • Found our selves editing on sets, @different studios/cities/countries
  • Worked side by side with directors to tell their stories
  • Assisted artists shape their audiovisual work
  • Designed movie trailers for producers
  • Helped young directors with their pitching videos
  • Lectured in the academia
  • Started to work on a book and a podcast project
  • And…. we cherished collaboration, refreshed our hopes and most importantly, made everyone at our editing room love the most creative process of film making: Editing.

For upcoming adventures, please contact our lovesome producer Sıla Bektaş Sayın.

I have nothing against the director being in the room, so long as he keeps quite.

Valdis Oskardottir

People often ask me if I have a style of editing.
I usually say I don’t, but one day my daughter said, “Oh yes, you do! We were studying it in class”

Anne V. Coates

Sometimes you have to cut because somebody blew a line or you have to switch takes,

but you always want a cut to look as if you did it for a reason, rather than to hide a mistake.

Every cut should have some motivation behind it, as if it is conveying some new information.

Tim Squares

Movies become art after editing. Instead of just reproducing reality, they juxtapose images of it.

That implies expression; that’s art.

Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu

I’ve said this to many directors: You’ve gone too far. You’ve got to stop. Often if something’s not working, people will put more cuts or shots in, and it’s almost always better to take shots out and calm it down. If something doesn’t seem quite right and you don’t really know why, SIMPLIFY. That’s something I’ve learned through trial and error.

Anne V. Coats

I sometimes look at the performances in other movies and come away thinking, the director didn’t really protect that actor.

I am very aware of the sacredness of the trust I am being given in terms of an actor’s performance.

Stephen Mirrione


Selected Recent Works

As Bayrakları – Türk Hava Yolları – Euro2024 (2024)
In Korhan Koryürek / TVC
Mackolik – Couch (Director’s Cut – 2024)
In Erhan Acar Jr. / TVC
Mackolik – Car (Director’s Cut – 2024)
In Erhan Acar Jr. / TVC
Karaca – Swisscrystal (2024)
In Murat Basoren / TVC
Kellogg’s – Cocopops Süt (2024)
In Korhan Koryürek / TVC
Esthederm – Cildinizin Kolajen Gücü (2024)
In Korhan Koryürek / TVC
Nestle – Sıcak Çikolata (2024)
In Murat Basoren / TVC
Ülker Çikolata – Her Günün En Güzel Anı (2024)
In Erhan Acar Jr. / TVC

Feature Projects and Shows



The Atelier

Located in the heart of the city, our studio is a private and spacious place designed by editors for editors. After years of working long hours in tiny, depressing rooms, we decided to build a studio where one can actually enjoy the process of shaping their dreams. The studio holds two fully equipped editing suits with an extensive music and SFX library, a cinema projector and a surround sound system for a pleasant editing/screening environment. And of course, there is always good coffee. So swing by whenever you can.


*Civil Editors are cutting w/ Avid Media Composer running on Macintosh Operating Systems.

Trailer Services


Civil Editors design, direct and produce theatrical film trailers, teasers, viral or tv promos and pitching videos for feature films, video games and television dramas.

If in demand, the editors collective will be more than happy to execute the whole post production process, or even include all fields of planning to their services.


we are here


Altunizade Mah. Okul Sokak Altunizade Sitesi No1 B Blok D5 34662 Üsküdar / İstanbul / Türkiye


+90 (216) 325 73 18


+90 (216) 325 73 19

Sıla Sayın (Producer)

Ayça Güleşir (Accounting)

    Civil Editors